Thursday 25 April 2019

C30 Bis
Don't let the withholding obligation hold you back any longer

If you’re working as a company and you call on (sub)contractors who are active in the sector of construction, meat or security, you are bound by the requirements of the withholding obligation. The withholding obligation, also known as Article 30bis and 30ter, creates a lot of extra administrative work with a high risk of errors. So it not only costs you a lot of time, but it can also cost you a lot of money.

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Avoid fines and create more financial security!

At SQLI we have developed a software solution integrated in SAP specifically to relieve you of this time-consuming administrative burden. Our payment interface (called C30 bis) automates the process of verification of (sub)contractors directly on the Web service channels of the Belgian Social Security Office (NSSO) and the Federal Public Service Finance (FDS Finance). This way you immediately know whether you should deduct part of the invoice when paying your (sub)contractor.


It simplifies and automates the entire verification and payment process:

  • Sending out an application form with the enterprise numbers of the suppliers that need to be checked
  • Managing the responses received to identify the (sub)contractors with debts
  • Withholding part of the invoice amount from the suppliers involved
  • Informing the involved contractors of the withholding
  • Recovering payment references from NSSO
  • Processing payment of the withheld amount to FPS Finance and NSSO
  • Archiving of all steps in the event of an audit or subsequent dispute


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Major risks for companies: higher fines and shared responsibility

If you do not comply with the control of the withholding obligation, you can expect a fine. That amount is equal to the amount to be withheld, provided that the debt exists at the time when you are making the payment. Did the debt already exist before your payment and did you not check the withholding obligation? Then you will not only receive a fine, but you will also become jointly responsible for the debts of your (sub)contractor. This can become a very costly matter!

Have we already convinced you?
One platform for all actions The C30 BIS software provides a clear cockpit in which all actions have to be followed step by step.
Automation of the process The software automates the calculation of the amounts to be withheld, to which departments the payments should be made, the creation of the necessary documents and updates the master data with the latest information.
Detailed log for each step Each step is stored in detail in a logbook. This way, everything can be consulted extensively afterwards.
Use of validated SAP functionalities The software is based on standard SAP functionalities (payment program, BAPI, ...).
Fully audit-regulated All information exchanged with the NSSO and FPS Finance is encoded in tables.

Handling the withholding obligation no longer has to be an annoying task. Our automated software solution saves you time, while complying with Belgian legislation.
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