Real estate sales boost
for Belgium Family Invest

Sea-Coast is one of the largest real estate construction companies on the Belgian coast, with a strong focus on the city of Nieuwpoort. Belgium Family Invest is the name of the sales department, responsible for the sale of appartments and parking spaces. They work together with WAX Interactive since 2015 for lead generation.

The context

WAX Interactive works for Belgium Family Invest since November 2015. In the beginning, WAX managed lead generation campaigns with about 100 leads per month for the ‘Waterfront’ and ‘Havengeul’ projects, both located at Nieuwpoort. After two years, WAX Interactive generates about 1000 leads per month for all their projects, appartments with a value up to € 1,3 million included.

The solutions

WAX Interactive offers Belgium Family Invest a mix of online promotion, including e-mail marketing, Facebook advertisement, banners and Google Adwords campaigns. Through these actions, potential buyers and investors can find these real estate opportunities and can request for additional information. Every lead is uploaded directly into the CRM system, together with the source of the request and the ad type he responded to.

Three call agents then call the received leads and fill the meeting calendars of the Belgium Family Invest sales managers. WAX Interactive also receives a real-time quality score from the lead through CRM. This allows them to optimize the campaign.

Next to pure online sales through lead generation, WAX Interactive is also responsible for the community management. The team in Ghent updates the Belgium Family Invest website and Facebook page on a regular basis.

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