TriXera Nutrition, an Eau Thermale Avène range for sensitive and dry skin, has one key unique selling proposition. The products can be used by both kids and their parents, which is quite unique until now. To give thoseproducts a proper introduction on the Belgian and Dutch market, the brand wanted to create awareness towards customers and pharmacists to increase customer engagement and to stimulate product trial. WAX Interactive, SQLI’s digital marketing agency, was selected by Eau Thermale Avène to create an out-of-the-box campaign.

The project

The ‘parenting fails’ concept is the basis for the online and offline campaign. WAX Interactive wanted to show the funny and embarrassing situations everyone with kids has already experienced, when in a stressful situation in the morning. You accidently send your kids to school in the wrong clothes, you forgot their lunches and fathers do not always have a good taste when it comes to dressing their kids. With this campaign, Eau Thermale Avène proves that at least in the bathroom everything runs smoothly with the TriXera Nutrition products, as it is virtually impossible to use the wrong product, as there is only one range for the whole family.

WAX created a funny online video campaign in which two recognizable WhatsApp conversations are shown. In these conversations, a mother asks her husband if everything went well when preparing the kids for school. Of course, everything went wrong, but luckily, they used the right bathroom products. With these funny messages, WAX was able to draw the attention of the target group. 

WAX also launched a micro website where parents could share their true and funny stories, in exchange for product samples and the chance to win a VIP weekend at the Efteling in the Netherlands. On top of that, a retargeting campaign on Facebook created additional product awareness.

There was also an offline part to the campaign. WAX created window stickers and large displays to draw customers’ attention at pharmacies. Post cards with fun tips & tricks have stimulated people to visit the campaign website. On top of this, 7 social media influencers were invited to enjoy a weekend at ‘La Station Thermale d’Avène’, while their husbands have received a TriXera Nutrition package, to make sure they survive the weekend with their kids.

The results

The campaign reached 2,3 million unique people in Belgium. There were almost 17 million impressions of the Facebook and Instagram ads in Belgium and the Netherlands. More than 800.000 minutes of video content was watched. Traffic towards the micro website through online and offline channels generated over 41.643 uniquevisitors and over 1.500 samples were distributed. Avène and WAX are indeed very satisfied by the results of this campaign and it is only logic to say that the aim of this campaign, to increase product awareness, was reached.

Anne Calsius, Product Manager Benelux at Eau Thermale Avène:“In order to largely increase the brand awareness of TriXera Nutrition, we have chosen WAX Interactive to help us create an online and offline out-of-the-box campaign. As soon as they had proposed the “parenting fail” campaign, we’ve decided to go for it. With the idea of recreating recognizable and funny situations every parent has coped with, WAX has succeeded in building up a consumer centric campaign that speaks to every parent. The idea has been integrated in the development of POS material (offline campaign) with a link to the micro-website (online campaign) and allowed us to be different and gain in brand visibility. Furthermore, a product sample exchange and a chance to win a VIP weekend to the Efteling on the micro website, has generated traffic and awareness to the micro-site, as well as to our social media page. Funny detail: our sales manager and his kids have modelled for our campaign, which made it even more consumer centric and recognizable for our colleagues and clients!”

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