Design and implementation of the digital marketing strategy

Wax Interactive developed a proposal for Ecover for generating closer relationships with the brand's communities via a storytelling plan and marketing actions:
+ Redesign of the newsletter including the launch of a brand-content strategy aimed at improving opening and conversion rates
+ Optimisation of the website and the SEO strategy
+ Launch of 3 social media programmes on the brand’s Facebook fan page in order to meet acquisition targets for new fans and to increase conversion rates
+ Expansion of databases with additional and better qualified data for enrichment of the CRM.

The strategy combines business objectives with improved brand recognition. Therefore, the brand's Facebook community will host three contests per year:
+ Every Facebook fan who participates will be rewarded
+ Fans will receive e-coupons based on their interests and needs
+ These e-coupons can be used on the Ecover site for the products of the fan's choice.

In addition, in order to demonstrate its commitment to saving the environment, Ecover has agreed to donate money to a non-profit organisation for each new fan it acquires after March 2014.


Social2Cash uses digital technology to boost companies' sales.
It connects social networks to the company's CRM.
The data collected is used to enrich customer databases and to qualify them, allowing for much more precise segmentation. It is one of the most effective methods for generating a large number of prospects and especially for offering the right product at the right time to the right person while continually improving ROI.

Marketing Manager - Wax Interactive

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